Norway Timelapse
  • 2016

    The Beginings of AIM

    Inside Acid Labs, a operational managing project is born, and it is decided that a new company should be built to develop it

    AIM is started

  • 2017

    First customers in Chile

    In Chile, big supermarket chains choose AIM as their operational management platform.



  • 2018

    Expansion in Mexico

    In México, important shopping centers such as “Plaza Satélite” and “Centro Santa Fé” implement AIM as their oficial operational management tool.


  • 2019

    We enter the Peruvian and Colombian markets


    AIM Enters the Peruvian and Colombian industry with large shopping center chains such as Mallplaza and Parque Arauco.



  • 2020

    Preemptive Covid pass

    As a result of the pandemic, the “COVID Preemptive Pass” was developed, a new product to ensure the access to shopping centers, preventing contagious that would risk operational continuity.

  • 2021

    AIM arrives to Argentina

    We entered the Argentinian marketi with Vital, a super wholesaler that decided to use our platform to manage their nation wide operations.


  • 2022

    New customer at El Salvador

    This year we entered to El Salvador with Grupo Agrisal, one of the most important enterprises in the country.